NasoPharyngeal Carcinoma

NasoPharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) with an incidence well below 1/100.000 in Europe, and of 2-5/100.000 in Mediterranean area is a rare cancer (in accordance with EU definition of an incidence < 6/100.000/year), while in southern Asia is a more common neoplasm (incidence 15-20/100.000).

Several molecular abnormalities have been detected, but only a minority have been considered druggable with a targeted therapy and with a limited activity when employed in clinical trials. The most suitable viral prognostic marker is plasma EBV DNA, that has been extensively studied in endemic areas in curative setting and to a lesser extent also in recurrent/metastatic (RM) disease. There are other recognized strong clinical prognostic factor for patients with locally-advanced and with RM NPC. However, they have been identified and validated mainly in endemic areas. From a biomolecular point of view and considering the different genetics of the populations, there are several issues with NPC that need to be investigated in non-endemic areas.

This NPC portal is aimed to collect data and to spread scientific and educational information about nasopharyngeal cancer in non-endemic areas.

Through its areas it will be possible:

  • to collect clinical characteristics and biological parameters in order to aggregate the data for defining risk classes in non-endemic areas, both in locally advanced and recurrent/metastatic setting.
  • to evaluate the impact of possible other prognostic or predictive factors (e.g. quality of life)
  • to launch new ideas for cooperative trials (IIT or sponsored trials)
  • to evaluate possible cooperation for translational research
  • to share scientific and educational materials in NPC
  • to create a community of physicians involved in NPC treatment and study, that could apply for cooperative grant
  • to support the emergence of Patients Advocacy Groups

The NPC portal is a non-profit tool, ideated and developed by Head and Neck Medical Oncology Dep., Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milan, Italy