The Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori (INT) is one of the main national and international referral center for the treatment and study of cancer.

Our organization and management are dedicated to finding solutions to the clinical problems posed by the evolution of cancer types in every stage of their development, through prevention, prediction, diagnosis, and treatment (surgery, medicine, radiotherapy), rehabilitation, psychological support, pain therapy, and palliative care.

INT is one of the largest Comprehensive Cancer Center in Italy. Since its establishment, this public institution has aimed to provide the highest standard of patient care. Our mission, therefore, is not only to provide existing treatments but also to lay the foundations for new ones by pursuing preclinical and clinical research and swift translation into better prevention, diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation, and improved quality of life.

Since its inception, in 1928, the Foundation IRCCS National Cancer Institute (INT) carry out, in accordance with national and regional planning, the business of health care and biomedical and health research, clinical and translational , confirming, in this, as a national reference center.

INT stands as a center of excellence for research pre-clinical, translational and clinical research, and service. The inseparability, reciprocity and the continuum between functional and clinical research is an undoubted positive flow of value, which gives to INT the status of a Comprehensive Cancer Center, as established by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI)

INT has always been a national and international reference for clinical trials on patients, both in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry as a product of original and innovative clinical research aimed at improving the processes of care. In addition, it is also for what concerns the implementation of innovative forms of management and organization in the health and biomedical research. In this sense, INT is the body of the actuator Oncology Network Lombarda (ROL) and coordinates the oncological accredited public and private operating in the Lombardy Region.